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The Swarth Fogel NRS Undergraduate Research Scholarship

This scholarship is made possible through the generosity of two trailblazers who helped establish and grow UC Merced and are now making their already formidable footprint even more significant. In 2021, Christopher W. Swarth, former Reserve Director of the Merced Vernal Pool and Grassland Reserve and Project Scientist for the Natural Reserve System (NRS), and Marilyn L. Fogel, former Professor and Chair of the Life and Environmental Sciences Department in the School of Natural Sciences, and former Professor of Geo-Ecology and Director of the Environmental Dynamics and Geo-Ecology Institute (EDGE) at UC Riverside, established the first-ever endowed scholarship for the UC Merced Natural Reserve System.

Specifically in support of undergraduate student research, Swarth and Fogel established the scholarship because they recognize the long-lasting value and transformative power that field research can have on undergraduate students’ academic and professional careers. It is their desire to assist undergraduate students at UC Merced to become involved in field research, especially those students who have historically been excluded. It is their hope to increase the breadth, depth, and scope of scientific discovery and research through support of the talented and driven undergraduate students conducting field research at the newest and most diverse University of California campus.

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