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California Ecology and Conservation

ESS 133: Flora of California with Jay Sexton

ENVE 10: Environment in Crisis

ENVE 30: Evaluation of Sustainable Living Sites

ESS 50: Ecosystems of CA

WRI 114: Environmental Writing

ESS 159: Insect Ecology & Evolution

ANTH 176: Archeological Field Methods

BIO 148F: Ecology Research in the Field and Lab

ESS 130: Plant Biology

SPARK 40: The Earth, Sustainability, and Consumption

BIO 141: Ecology and Evolution

BIO 121/ESS 120: Intro. To Ecological & Env. Microbiology

ESS 100: Environmental Chemistry

BIO 142: Evolution

QSB 244: Phylogenetic

F20-USTU-010 13: Carson House-Sustainable Futures

ME 143:Unmanned Aircraft System



Outdoor Experience Program

Yosemite Leadership Program

Student Naturalist Training

Week of Wilderness